Autumn Blogging 2015 Contest is organizing an exciting blogging contest this month.

Thank you for your support. The contest has been closed early.

Participate and win exciting vouchers.

What to write :
1) Chose any theme from the below mentioned section.
2) The blog post should be a at least 500 words. (The more the merrier)
3) Blog should be at least one year old.
4) Blog should have at least 10 posts.
5) The blog should be a valid blog for a target audience and not involved in any kind of plagiarism or online piracy or spam posts. Our editors will reject all such blog posts.
6) ** This is the latest update from our editorial team - We have received many entries which blogs update only for contest and nothing else, which are less than 1 year old, which are changing dates to appear as 1 year old, who are publishing plagiarised posts to cross 10 posts. All these entries will be rejected. Please do not participate if you do not have a good blog, your entry will be rejected.

Choose Your Theme:
1) My top 5 favourite novels
2) My top 5 travel destinations
3) My favourite dish
4) Decide on your own theme, where helped you save money.
In the blog say how and its coupons and offers can be used to buy books or book your trip and travel. Specify which store you prefer, how it solves your needs and how 27coupons provides the best coupons and offers to save while you are buying books or travelling (such as given below). You can also write about food and how to cook a dish, where you used to buy various ingredients online for the dish.

Examples of URLs to be referred.

The Contest Dates:
End Date - 17th September,2015 (23.59 hours)

How to participate:
Write an awesome and original blog post and submit your blog.
Follow us on Twitter and Google Plus page.
Any plagiarized content or spamming by any participant, will lead you to a ban to his/her entries.

Each valid entry gets Rs 400 voucher. (Flipkart/Amazon GVs)
Best entries would get Rs 3000(1st) and Rs 2000 (2nd) vouchers. (Flipkart/Amazon GVs)
Each reference fetches the referrer another Rs 200, with no limits to such referrals.
The best entry would be consider using the following parameters:
    a. Our editorial Review regarding wonderful usage and depiction of 27coupons coupons/offers/features
    b. Appreciation by users of these blog post through Social Media or otherwise.
    c. Number of reference provided to other bloggers.
The grand prize will be announced by 10th October,2015. Through Twitter , Facebook , Google Plus page.
On a daily basis all the blog post and bloggers would keep on getting their vouchers for valid entries.
This will be announced via our Twitter handle only. The winners will be informed via email as well.

Refer and Win
You can refer this contest to any of your friends who has a valid blog and is interested to participate in this contest.
When he/she submits his/her entry and mentions your email as the referring email, then you get Rs 200 gift voucher as a gift from us.
There is no limit to these references.

Now the more social media attention your posts gets, the more are the chances of your blog post winning the 5K prize money.
Use images in your posts. As they say "an image is worth a thousand words"
As Paul Aster famously said "The truth of the story lies in the details."