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04-11-2013 |  Shriti |  Trends
Buzzwords of Online Retail 1. M-COMMERCE - The new buzzword As the offline and online world converges, mobile commerce has the potential to dominate the online retail sector. With M-commerce shopping has become ubiquitous. Now a man returning

12-03-2013 |  nrupaldiffion |  Trends
It’s new, it’s chic, it brings along everything you desired for in the world you carry in your pocket, the latest products from Sony Xperia just made an entry into the online market through making the latter one of the first to launch Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL in India.

11-03-2013 |  nrupaldiffion |  Trends
9 days and some hours to go, the countdown has begun as Indian fashion industry gets ready to give a red carpet welcome to the conference of India Fashion Forum 2013 that is to bring the knowledge and expertise of leaders, the launching of new brands, showcasing of handpicked products from the established brands, the collection of India’s best brands on ramp and IMAGES Fashion awards under one roof.

11-03-2013 |  nrupaldiffion |  Trends
Taking its diversified services to a new level, Star Bazaar is now into offering hot meals and ready to eat snacks taking care of a large part of the service at the store itself.

09-03-2013 |  nrupaldiffion |  Trends
She splashes vivid colors on an otherwise monotonus graffiti of your life.

08-03-2013 |  nrupaldiffion |  Trends
The little objects of edutainment from Hape have been designed to take the child on a tour to a wonderland and introduce the age-appropriate skills and concepts.