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19-10-2012 |  Saswati Sunyana |  Trends
Pearson Education Services which was previously known as Tutor Vista is a part of Pearson which is a global media, education and publishing group that holds about 80% of Pearson Education Services.

17-10-2012 |  Saswati Sunyana |  Trends
The officials in-charge of eCommerce set-up are expecting to have the website up and running by end 2012 and are currently in talks with several logistics companies to streamline the delivery systems for better and faster delivery of the consumer orders.

16-10-2012 |  Saswati Sunyana |  Trends
Several top eCommerce players are surprised at the Government's decision to allow up to 51% FDI in the retail sector but leave the restrictions in place, unchanged for the eCommerce industry.
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