Flipkart overtakes Ebay in traffic

25-04-2012 |  nrupaldiffion |    Trends

This is a way short stories read in our childhood used to start, and I still love it that way . Once upon a time Ebay was the big daddy of Indian Ecommerce stores. It was the most reliable store, offering the most varied products and had a formidable reputation in the small yet growing Indian Online consumers mind set. Back then (to the naive, like me ) it seemed like new stores would have to be satisfied with smaller segments and the big ones (Ebay and amazon if and when it enters India) would be clear winners.

Now within a couple of years it seems that Ebay has not only been proven that its mortal but has been severely wounded. Why am I making a simple story a bloody one? Since from our analysis it seems that Flipkart following the acquisition of Letsbuy has beaten Ebay in terms of traffic and may be sales. I would be quoting some statistics from Google Doubleclick Adplanner.

Ebay.in (Ebay.co.in is redirected to Ebay.in)

Total Visits : 4.5 million (India), 4.9 million (All countries included)

Total Page views : 46 Million (India)


Total Visits : 1.1 million (India)

Total Page views : 8.2 Million (India)


Total Visits : 5.1 million (India), 5.3 million (All countries included)

Total Page views : 55 Million (India)


Total Visits : 0.96 million (India), 1.0 million (All countries included)

Total Page views : 7.5 Million (India)

Ebay's Indian Traffic

Total Visits : 5.6 million (India)

Total Pageviews : 54.2 Million (India)

Flipkart Letsbuy

Total Visits : 6.06 million (India)

Total Pageviews : 62.5 Million (India)

Clear Winner = Flipkart

Now Flipkart seems to be ahead both in terms of visits as well as in terms of pageviews  Although Flipkart would have sound financial fundamentals while acquiring, overthrowing Ebay seems to be like a windfall. Now both Flipkart as well as Ebay have been aggressively marketing their websites through multiple ad campaigns, both have deep pockets but totally different models. While globally amazon seems to be won the race, it seems amazon inspired website's doing the same in India with Ebay.

Pictorial Representation (Proof of Analysis)     

  Alexa confirms our research to an extent :


Food For Thought: Is Flipkart a bigger brand than Ebay ?

Is the branding of Flipkart - end provider of products versus Ebay ? platform for sellers winning the battle ?

We don't know about sales, profit or profitability. Who is winning that race ?

Notes : We do not have any claim on the accuracy of the data provided by Google Adplanner, however they are reasonably accurate and are considered standard in the tech world. We have not tried to confirm the details with either Flipkart or Ebay about our analysis and claims and this our own research and analysis.