Har Mausam Aam - still a forbidden fruit for Bisleri

12-02-2013 |  nrupaldiffion |    Acquisition | Bubbles

Once again the hearing goes in favour of beverage maker Coca-Cola in Delhi High court and Bisleri International has been banned from selling Maaza in India. This was the second win of Coca - Cola in this five year long Coke Bisleri legal battle over the right to sell Maaza locally. However, Bisleri possesses the right to use the brand in overseas market.

A quick recap of this whole episode takes us back to 1993 when Coca Cola re-entered Indian market and Bisleri sold Maaza brand to Coca Cola in India while retaining the proprietorship for international market. In 2007, Coca Cola applied for registration of Maaza in Turkey, but withdrew it in a later stage. Bisleri issued legal notice to Coca Cola saying the latter neither owner nor proprietor of Maaza.

As Mr. Ramesh Chauhan put it forward, After the agreement with Coca-Cola, they asked us to transfer the carbonated drink trademarks to them, they did not ask for the Maaza trademarks, nor were they transferred. He said that Coca Cola had infringed agreements related to intellectual property rights for Maaza about five years ago.


Coca- Cola had to go to the extent of moving Delhi High Court when Bisleri called up on the former to stop manufacturing of Maaza and clear the stocks. The hearing went in favour of Coca - Cola which was challenged by Bisleri but there was no change of decision. Bisleri has been barred from selling Maaza in India. Nevertheless it can manufacture Maaza in India for international market.

Technically both the brands can sell Maaza in the international market. Something that remains unclear is what happens when these two pick one more common target in international market, perhaps another lawsuit will decide. For the time being, both Bisleri and Coca Cola are to breathe a sigh of relief.