Interview with the Founder of Fashiondowntown

08-05-2012 |  nrupaldiffion |    Acquisition

We conducted an interview the founder of - Shivangi Mehta. Please find the details of the interview in the below section. The interview revolved around success metric, skill management, marketing ideas and any suggestions for new websites.

Question 1:

You have been the pillar behind the success of your website. What do you most attribute your success? What would say are the five key elements for starting and running a successful website?


The main reason for any venture to succeed is the persistence. As a new venture we faced with lot of challenges which are beyond your control, but still you try and be focused and move towards your goal eventually things start falling into place.

5 key elements for running a successful website:

1. While making a website, one should make sure that the site is well structured

2. Design has to be attractive

3. Technology used for the website has to be strong

4. Marketing plan for the website is the most crucial ( there are lot of ways to do smart marketing without spending much)

5. Deliverable if you are an eCommerce site ? what has been promised have to be delivered and you need to make sure customer service is great.

Question 2:

How do you define success of your website?


Success of my website depends on the numbers of active members and conversation happening per day along with the brand recognition and awareness.

Question 3:

How do you build a successful customer base?


Building of customer database involves lot of marketing strategies and gimmicks on social media. All depends on your marketing budget.

For our website marketing strategy involved. Google PPC, Facebook advert, referral discount, new member discount etc.

Question 4:

How did you decide on the location for your business?


Well we were very clear when we started this venture that we wanted to operate from the city we are based out off.

Question 5:

What has been your most effective marketing tactic or technique?


Being a E-commerce website, everything boils down to conversion so our all marketing tactics we planned around achieving more sales

In particular for us deals sites has got us good conversation and also social media activity.

Question 6:

What makes you stand out from others?


As of now we are like any other eCommerce website, we are in a process to expand our catalogue.

Once that is done we would start working towards creating our USP which is creating a site which recommends fashion based on trends and style. Unlike many other online retailers we do more than just sell clothes. We like to point you in the right direction by giving you helpful and handy fashion tips and advice in our regularly updated blog and Facebook fan page. Here you can find out how to achieve the hottest celebrity looks as well as get information on our most popular items.

Question 7:

Which is your best offering?

Answer: We offer affordable fashion and are always in a look out to give opportunity to young designers.

Question 9:

What's the toughest feedback you've ever received and how did you learn from it? [We didn't get a direct answer]


Whatever feedback we have received it has always helped us improve the consumer experience, so each feedback we have received we have learned.

Question 10:

What would you say are the top three skills needed to manage a successful website?


1. Need to have high comfort level to handle technology and challenges which are part of it - so technical knowledge is one of the skills.

2. Managerial skills to manage the website and the business.

3. Good marketing skills.

Question 11:

What are the three pieces of advice would you give to upcoming managers of websites?

Answer: Advice would be to be persistent with work and keep finding solutions to the challenges. This is a very competitive space, you need to learn fast and keep educating your self.

However as a manager of an upcoming website you will have to think out of box to achieve the website objective, and always be flexible and open to try new ideas

This is the place where you can come up with the most innovative ideas and be successful so always try to do things differently you never know what will work for you.