Is online shopping making things cheaper?

14-05-2012 |  nrupaldiffion |    Trends

This question deserves to be asked if you are new to the world of online shopping. In recent times this term online shopping has become so revolutionary that about 30% of the whole retailing sector comprises of this virtual but real marketing. It is an easy and comfortable way to purchase anything you desire. Just open your laptop, watch for the dealing websites, search for your product and get it shipped on your address.

Now as the answer of the question asked above, I would like to say yes..!! Online shopping is really cheaper as compared to the retailing stores outside the home. So, again a different question arises that how it is really cheaper. Here are some points which can be appropriate as the answer of above-

  • First of all you don't have to go anywhere for purchasing the thing you need, its all can be done by just sitting on the couch. That means no tension of vehicle parking, no bargaining with the sellers & no fuel consumption, which I think is the strongest argument in its favour and oops.!! I found the gold it is environment friendly too.
  • Secondly, many websites including,, and many other more give exclusive discounts on M.R.P. of the various products. On the other hand these websites make the home delivery or shipment free or there might be some nominal charges even for the high amount shopping, which is I am pretty sure that lower than the wages of cab you hire for your convenience.
  • Another reason that makes these deals cheaper is discount coupons available on the websites such as,, etc. these coupons make shopping even more interesting in the festive season. Giving you the benefit & joy you deserve that time. Now days these coupons have been emerged as favorites of youth. Even you can throw a b'day party at any famous restaurant in your city and trust me that will cost you just 50% of actual billing amount. Only constraint is that use these coupons and these sites more and more.

Well, if you correctly know that from where and what to purchase you can definitely save up to a lot of money, depending on your awareness on the frauds currently active in the market. A report from price comparison site found that 80% of the 1,360 people they quizzed said the best prices were online, compared to just 3% who said the high street was the place to find cheaper goods.

Russ Carroll, UK Managing Director of, said: The value offered by shopping online is borne out in our survey results. He added: It's interesting to see that more than one in ten people have shopped using their mobile phone, a figure that will only grow as more and more people have smart phones with data included in their phone tariffs.

The internet has transformed the way we live. Offering information literally at your fingertips, online banking an option, and enabling stay-at-home moms to earn income via telecommuting, the internet has provided endless possibilities for its users. Amongst the internet advances is the ability to shop online. Quick, effortless and easy, online shopping has given brick-and-mortar locations a run for there money.