to Provide Mobile Shopping

25-10-2012 |  Saswati Sunyana |    Trends is now working on a mobile shopping facility, which will be available to customers from early 2013. CEO of, Mukesh Bansal said that the company is already working towards developing the required applications that will help provide a seamless mobile shopping experience to their customers.

Internet shopping using PCs is quite high in India however with the growing number of mobile users especially smart phone users in India, is gearing in advance to avail the benefit of this segment which is slated to take off in early 2013.

Bansal, citing a report stated that the online retail space in India is currently USD 1.6 billion and is expected to reach over USD 8.8 billion by 2016. The online retail industry is currently growing at a phenomenal 35% per year adding customers from Tier II and Tier III cities every day. India currently has over 100 million users and at least 10% of these users make online transactions. The online user base in India is expected to grow by over 300 million in the next three years.

While gearing to provide a seamless mobile shopping experience is also ready to tackle the biggest challenge faced by the e-commerce players in India, supply chain and logistics. The company is hoping to capture the consumer markets between the ages 22-35 years in the top 10 cities, Tier II cities and Tier III cities. In the meantime is planning to add more categories that are related to lifestyle and fashion.