Something is cooking in Star Bazaar

11-03-2013 |  nrupaldiffion |    Trends

They say the world has enough for our need, not for greed. But being a little greedy for food never hurts. It's time to make way for a delicious addition to the 32 categories of products under private labels of Tata group owned Star Bazaar  So go ahead and indulge, find a mouth-melting excuse to spoil that sweet tooth.

Welcome to Star Bazaar

A proud stride towards food serving and home delivery through the e-commerce space of websites such as speak for the success story in the bakery section. The Tata-group owned supermarket chain currently offers the service of a bakery in its premises and plans to include chocolates and confectionery in the list of its private label offering. Talking of the big expansion plans on the table, Head of Marketing, Star Bazaar  Sushmita Paul said, Almost 10 per cent of our revenues come from private labels and we hope to double it in the next five years.

Taking its diversified services to a new level, Star Bazaar is now into offering hot meals and ready to eat snacks taking care of a large part of the service at the store itself. The luxury of home delivery is soon to be available for the customers. In future, we might look at sourcing food from the other Tata companies, but at the moment most of the food is cooked at the store itself. The contribution from bakery operations is 3-4 per cent of the total revenues of the company, Paul added.


Even when this fresh addition is getting a lot of attention in the retail space, it still seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. The hypermarkets of Star Bazaar are soon to be flooded with even more diverse range of products from Tesco. According to Paul, Today, we sell about 100 products from Tesco but intend taking it up to 500 with new categories like plastics, hangers and toys, apart from its regular food and home products range.


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