They let you fly so as to pull you down from skies

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You can feel the winter in most parts of India now, even if its not biting cold it has started making its presence felt. You can feel the air being heavier, sweat missing from your body and a winter vacation stares like a beacon of light. School days had well demarcated winter vacations but now that many of us (For all those who have stopped spending their father's money) a few days leave and the company of your near and dears for some days can be called as winter vacation or gateway to winter charm. 

Note: Look carefully at the fish and you will know, who is the fish in this lovely flight.

The familiar sound of train is still there but the option to fly is always alluring. This story started when the story of Air Deccan started. What an ex-army man did to Indian Skies has been well documented in many case studies. But it gives a nostalgic feeling to remember the rates that Air Deccan offered to its users. The sky was never more clear or more blue when Air Deccan was in operation.

Prior to Air Deccan travel was an absolute need backed by a good bank account, it was an indulgence in air, it was a like pampering yourself. Air Deccan brought a certain simplicity to this business aptly put across by its tagline Simplify It didn't offer you free meals, it perhaps didn't give commission to travel agents or perhaps many years later it made Sashi Tharoor say Cattle class implying the burgeoning economic class air travelers  nevertheless it made us realize that air travel is nothing but a quicker mode of travel with extra cost.

Air Deccan

After initial neglect from full service airlines, Indian Skies saw a war of air prices opening up an window of opportunity to fly at unbelievable prices. Will we ever see that prices again? I personally don't think. It's difficult to recreate magic conjured up by X factor.

In the last 3-4 years, global downturn, fuel prices and many other important and stupid reasons have made air travel painful necessity. Many of us know it is comparatively safe, quick and easy travel mode but the costs associated with Air Travel increases like exotic seasonal vegetables. Comes the season and come the air price hike.

If increased cost were not enough, Kingfisher, Air India- Indian Airlines folks didn't manage their companies and they started cancelling flights as if they do a service if they fly once in a while and make you reach your destination. The poor folks managing the situation in airports sometimes don't know why the flight was cancelled, even if they do they won't tell you the real reason, if they did they will inform you just in time to do anything in your power but book in any other flight around the same time. Waste of time does not any value in this country, at least not always.

If that was not enough, they didn't pay their employees which in turn lead to discord between unrelenting employees and rigid management. They might have valid points of their own but we cattle class suffered anyways. More last minute cancellations, more hassled flight travelers and more frustrations.


I am quoting two pieces of respectable news articles where it seems DGCA intervened when flight prices went over the roofs and crashed on our pockets.

And now I quote another piece of news where the bosses felt their manager didn't do the job well. The Parliamentary Panel doubted that DGCA failed to check high prices. Well they wouldn't have felt to doubt this if they would have referred to an issue a year and a half back, Dec, 2010 to be precise. They would have been sure that DGCA does not get high marks in anything.

Now if you have forgotten I take you back in time to those days when Air travel was made Air Tax by airline operators. During the period of Dec in the year 2010, flights rates were shocking to sum up the whole affair. Our honorable Minister of Civil Aviation at that time Mr Praful Patel mentioned that it smelled like a cartel. He smelled a rat yet we thought someone else needs to clear it up, after all its not his house. For your information he lives in a new house Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises being the honorable Minister Cabinet minister of the same.

Kingfisher Airlines is now out of business for sometime, Indian Airlines-Air India combo is on a lifeline and others are not in a very good mood to entertain us. Well honestly they have a business to run and profits to show to their share holders but they do have a consumer front to take care as well. If an industry as a whole is letting the people down where do we look up. Well off course to the Government of India.

What it did was open up FDI in Airlines sector after ages of discussions, consultations and what not. Did we see any credible change due to that? Well off course not. Airlines specifically which are bleeding claim that taxes on air fuel and a host of other things by government is an hindrance to the success of this sector.

But as Cattle Class how does it matter to us, what we need is someone to do something which eases our pain. With our good wishes for people who have not got their salaries in Airline sector, we still wish that this industry should truly reflect a country being quoted as an upcoming economic super power.

Thankfully a month or so back some airlines decide to have a dog fight in air, leading to reduction in air prices - the peak travel season approaches. What do you think will be the buzz word Safe and Affordable or "Outrageous" ?

Waiting for your comments, this article ends with a twisted quote from Pirates of Caribbean reflecting sentiments of disgruntled Airline Industry Employees !!!!




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