Timtara.com complaints are flooding the web

10-05-2012 |  nrupaldiffion |    Trends

www.timtara.com was once expected to be a rising star of eCommerce world. It had all the recipes for a super success story. It seems to have a fairly good user interface leading to a good user experience, it was popular and it had some good buyers attached with them. Now all of a sudden the rising star is now the black sheep of eCommerce world. There now thousands of reviews and complaints against timtara, flooding almost all the major consumer views/interests sharing portals.

The following are the major complaints against the companies:

  • First and foremost is the non delivery of products, where online payment has been done. (Source)
  • Non responsive consumer care. (I terrified to the word care since they don't give a damn about consumer, leave about caring about them.) (Source 1, Source 2 )
  • Inordinate delays in delivery of the products, if they are forced to do so. [They have crossed all imaginable limits]

In some cases they are accused of financial irregularities (non delivery of products) or being highly unethical in their dealings. It seems they have deleted their facebook page, which was filled up with consumer complaints. While it has been some months for all this black activities of timtara, none of it has been covered by any major media (Online or offline) power house leading to helplessness of consumers battling out Timtara's non responsiveness.

The following methods have lead to some results of receiving the products.

  • Complaints and threatening to file police complaints being communicated to the timtara.com.
  • Talking with bank for payment reversal due to financial frauds.
  • Talking to credit card players (Mastercard, Visa etc) for financial frauds.
  • You should also file a complaint with Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

There is no way that this website should continue to exist. Huge financial fines, frozen bank account accounts and even judicial actions against the persons behind this kind of action should be initiated and an example must be made where such kind of activities should not be repeated by others.

In small cities and towns or may be in Metros there are companies which promise that they will give you 15-25% annualized returns on investment, gather huge funds and then vanish out rightly. We have never seen such an activity in eCommerce space, I guess this seems to be perhaps the first one.

What makes me wonder is the audacity of the founders/managers of this website, who continue to give out discount coupons (Huge discount coupons), even run affiliate campaigns with affiliates networks, spend of Google adwords while innocent eCommerce buyers are made to suffer at the hands of their pathetic consumer behavior.

[At this point of time, our website 27coupons.com is also displaying the coupons distributed by timtara.com. However, we have taken due cognizance of the situation and request our viewers(who have suffered at this hands of timtara.com) to send out screen shots of their conversation with Timtara.com. Following the receipt of these proofs we will take a call on distribution of coupons of timtara.com. Till the time the decision on distribution of coupons of timtara has not been taken, we would advice our buyers not to buy any products from this website using the coupons distributed by us. No new coupons are being accepted for this website.]

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Many eCommerce enthusiastic are worried about this trend of Timtara and it might be followed by some other website as well, leading to huge loss of confidence in eCommerce industry in India. Many people are being forced to use COD (Cash on Delivery) as an option since they are afraid that non delivery of products or inordinate delay of shipping and receipt of products might happen.