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07-06-2013 |  tushar |  Books
Dan Brown 2019s new novel, Inferno, features renowned Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon and is set in the heart of Europe, where Langdon is drawn into a harrowing world centred around one of history 2019s most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces.

04-06-2013 |  tushar |  Books
Winner of the Man Booker Prize 2012 With this historic win for BRING UP THE BODIES, Hilary Mantel becomes the first British author and the first woman to be awarded two Man Booker Prizes, as well as being the first to win with two consecutive novels.

25-05-2013 |  tushar |  Books
Jeffrey Archer the bestseller "New York Times" continues to write the Third part of Clifton Chronicles series where Harry and Emma are planning to start a new and happy life unaware that a very dangerous and new family enemy is about to come in their

24-05-2013 |  saurabh |  Books
Accidentally In Love!is a story of a girl, struggling to make a living as a print model in Mumbai. The industry that once welcomed her with open arms is now intent on kicking her out of it. And people are starting to think it's time for her to go hom

15-11-2012 |  tushar |  Books
A profound meditation on personal power and innocent dreams that are manipulated or undone by success, The Winner Stands Alone  is set in the exciting worlds of fashion and cinema. Taking place over the course of twenty-four hours during the Can

14-11-2012 |  tushar |  Books
Daily Inspiration by Robin Sharma is a book that compiles ideas of inspiration from all his other books. This book has drawn quotations from the other books, making it a virtual calendar for the readers who can imbibe one quote per day. Daily Inspira